CD – DVD Pressing


We press, print, assemble and dispatch professionally replicated CDs (Jewel Box / Digipack)/ Promo CDs (Carton Folder) and DVDs directly to your address at the lowest prices and best quality you could ever find.

We are a broker agency and our partner is one of the largest and longest established pressing plants, and fulfillment service providers in Europe with over 50 years of experience in producing Digipacks, DVDs and USB sticks.


How do we do this?

We press CDs/DVDs for hundreds of clients and this makes things cheaper for us and also for you.

Directly from the pressing plants, you will never achieve our prices! So just work with us.



1000 CDs Jewel Box / Glass Master/ 8 pages full colour booklet / Clear tray with full colour 2 sided inlay card, Cellophane wrap / Shipping in EU / VAT taxes : 1058 euro.


How Does It Work?

When ready we will provide you templates, technical specifications and everything you need.

With our assistance, we will make sure that your CDs are just great and sound perfect.

Your CD stock will reach you in less than 20 days from the approval of your assets.

We don’t use Chinese partners, our products are all made in Germany.


Get In Touch!

Ask us for samples and we’ll ship a few products to your address for your review!!

We have no competitors so try our quality!!

Just get in touch … We are number one!