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We recognize that your band’s identity and reputation rests not only in the quality of the music that you write and play, but also on how people in the music scene will perceive you. We all know that the internet is making a big difference in how to promote a band. That’s why having a well curated online presence is so important.

The impression is immediate.

We have many years of experience in developing professional websites for musicians, bands, solo artists and corporations and we are able to offer our clients quality jobs for a fair and honest prices.

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Website Development

The website construction is made either via HTML or CMS (Content Management System).

For the CMS websites we use WordPress which is now considered the most user friendly system for you to manage your website contents nowadays.

This job always includes:

– The WordPress installation and implementation on your site server (Before starting we verify the service availability at your official HOST);

– The creation of the new site design and layout theme;

– The content addition (subject to what the customer send in terms of information to be added).

– Creation of graphic materials


http://www.filarmonicabologna.it                                http://www.epictronic.com                      http://www.wormholedeath.com



http://www.avvocatomariopalazzi.com                         http://www.studiocrisciani.it                           http://www.carlobellottipublishing.com/



http://www.antonellagigantesco.it/                  http://www.basenauticatoscana.com/                       http://www.jamieleesmit.com/




Other services:

Website restyling


Content Development and Marketing

Online Advertising

Social Media Marketing